I believe that everything happens for a reason and that if you put goodness out into the world-goodness will come back to you. Some people call that karma, I call it living a life full of happy accidents. Whether it be the perfect day for a spontaneous trip to the zoo, or that haphazard dinner that turned into a favorite meal… those messy moments are the beautiful ones. But I don’t think anything is accidental-every thing, moment, and person around you is there with and for a purpose. Be good to the world around you, your miracles, and yourself. Enjoy the mess of life, for without it, we would not see the joyful beauty. Ignore the FEAR, be GOOD, feel INSPIRED, and find YOUR JOY!

There are no happy accidents~



Kim is a full-time wife, mom to three kids, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, and thinker. She is a part-time home day care provider, teacher, writer and small business brand and media strategist. As well as being the family tutor, cook, advocate, nurse, coach, taxi-driver, personal assistant, baker, referee, event planner, and C.E.O. Kim is also an avid wellness and exercise enthusiast, mindful of what goes in her body to promote good health, and is a BRCA-2 gene mutation carrier-who has taken preventative measures through surgery.

It’s not easy balancing all of these roles, but someone has to do it and she’s blessed it’s her! Kim chooses to live an inspired life full of love, grace, kindness, and full of passion…with a whole lot of faith, support, laughs, tears, and mistakes rolled up into one big messy and beautiful life. You can follow her on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

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