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What Does No Happy Accidents Mean?

We believe that everything happens for a reason and that if you put goodness out into the world-goodness will come back to you. Some people call that karma, we call it living a life full of happy accidents. Whether it be the perfect day for a spontaneous trip to the zoo, or that haphazard dinner that turned into a favorite meal… those messy moments are the beautiful ones.

But we don’t think anything is accidental-every thing, moment, and person around you is there with and for a purpose. Be good to the world around you, your miracles, and yourself. Enjoy the mess of life, for without it, we would not see the joyful beauty. Ignore the FEAR, be the GOOD, feel INSPIRED, and find YOUR JOY!

There are no happy accidents~

Who is Behind the Blog?

My name is Kim Kusiciel. I am the Founder and Mompreneur behind the blog and brand, No Happy Accidents.

kim kusiciel, no happy accidents, mommy bloggerI am a mom to three delightful children (11, 10, and 6) and wife to my high school sweetheart & love of my life, Jeff. We live in the suburbs of Chicago and have two adorable pups, Lincoln and Kennedy. I have rockstar parents, three siblings and a large extended family.

Although you’ll find lots of posts on my life here, the quick and dirty of it is that in 2009 I was teaching full time while dealing with some pretty serious health decisions because of the BRCA gene. I was also an overwhelmed mom to two and longed for a bigger family with my hubby. In time, I resigned from the career that I love (yes, love) made some tentative BRCA choices and got to work growing our family. And healing my heart.

Through love and loss, sadness and joy I am here. Writing this blog and bearing my deepest thoughts, worries, celebrations, deeply personal story of transformation, and so much more has been one of the most wonderful surprises of my life. My goal with every post is to inspire you, help you feel like you’re not alone, and to root for you. We’re all moms just trying to do what we think is best for our kids and the world around us. I’ve got your back. Do you have mine?

Let’s choose to live an inspired life full of love, grace, kindness, and purpose…with a whole lot of faith, support, laughs, tears, and mistakes rolled up into one big messy and beautiful life.


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