Family Meeting: Part 2

Earlier this week, Jeff and I were heading home from a road trip out west. We were frustrated by the┬álack of coping skills our three children showed when dealing with disappointment. During the final 400 miles, we analyzed our kids and all the conditions that lead to their emotional state. We ultimately saw that our…

Family Meeting: Part 1

Jeff and I called a "family meeting" tonight. It was our first "official" one as a family of 5. The idea came about on our way home from our road trip to the west. All the kids had finally fallen asleep and that meant... we could finally talk about them! We had been on the road for the last 8 days driving from Chicago to Albuquerque, then Santa Fe, back to Albuquerque, and a quick stop in Roswell before finally heading to the Dallas area. For the most part, everything we shared was pretty good. They were very well behaved, polite and helpful, didn't ask for too much and they were actually appreciative of everything we did with them. However, there was one thing we noticed throughout the whole trip... our children's inability to deal with their own emotions calmly-especially when dealing with disappointment.