Find the JOY!

It’s 3:02 am on the third day of summer vacation-no make that the fourth day- and I am not asleep. I am being me… up late, working on miscellaneous projects while my monkeys sleep, not being rushed, listening to the rain, and feeling inspired! To my husband, this usually means that I am planning something, and he’d be right. Except this time, I didn’t just stay up late to make plans, I actually acted on said plans.

Starting this blog has been on my seemingly never ending to-do list for a few years. Yes, you read correctly… years. I know it sounds crazy that something I have been inspired to do and that I want to do would take years to get done. Why you may ask? There are many reasons: raising 3 human beings under the age of 9, family responsibilities, volunteering at church, PTA responsibilities, work, running around town like a crazy lady, but the biggest and ugliest excuse of all is… FEAR.

Yes, I said it- fear. I have been afraid of what to say, what people would think of what I might say, would anyone follow along, would my family approve, do I tell people that I am writing, what if I don’t have anything new to add to the world, am I authentic, am I interesting, will I be judged… my list of fearful thoughts is MUCH longer than this. But I finally decided that none of that matters. I can’t live my life based on these fears, I just need to do what I am afraid of anyway. I need to be good to myself and just put it out there.

You see I finally figured it out, if I sit here and never start then I will be in this very same spot-forever. Which reminds me of a motivational poster I used to have hanging in my classroom, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” And it’s true. This sentiment applies to much more than just starting a blog.

This applies to everything. For example, if I want to be more present with my kids, then I need to make it happen otherwise I’ll always feel bad, but never be. So, I need to just be present. Even if that means a deadline needs to get extended, the laundry doesn’t get folded, an email isn’t answered, or the dishes don’t get put away (heck even unloaded or reloaded in the dishwasher). I need to just stop, breathe, and BE with my three miracles. I am lucky and blessed to have them and they are lucky and blessed to have me. They inspire me to be better and to live happily.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and that if you put goodness out into the world-goodness will come back to you. Some people call that karma, I call it living a life full of happy accidents. Whether it be the perfect day for a spontaneous trip to the zoo, or that haphazard dinner that turned into a favorite meal… those messy moments are the beautiful ones. But I don’t think anything is accidental-every thing, moment, and person around you is there with and for a purpose. Be good to the world around you, your miracles, and yourself. Enjoy the mess of life, for without it, we would not see the joyful beauty. Ignore the FEAR, be GOOD, feel INSPIRED, and find YOUR JOY!

There are no happy accidents~


Fears are the stories we tell

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