Vulnerability: A Necessity of the Human Experience



The Human Experience.

We are all a part of it. We all want to be involved, make a difference, do something that matters, be recognized, or sometimes do nothing. You can choose to sit idly by or get up and get something done, but none of that really matters when you look at humanity across the globe and across time.

To me, the human experience isn’t what we do. It is in who we are and how we connect with others. It’s in the vulnerable moments that keep us honest and open to each other. Being vulnerable is open to interpretation. In one form, it means putting yourself out there in a way that could draw criticism or a divide between you and a good friend, your lover, close social circles and even across social media.

Being vulnerable is scary. But it is also brave.

To me, being vulnerable really means opening yourself up for a connection to take place. You are allowing someone in by fearlessly letting go of your guard when you are honest and vulnerable.

And let’s be honest, making connections is necessary for the human experience. So by simple deduction, being vulnerable is also necessary.

Otherwise, why else are we here? Without a connection with other humans, we wouldn’t fall in love…or out of love. Without a connection with each other we wouldn’t have everything from close friends to distant acquaintances. We might not land that big promotion or close that big deal. You might not get that dream job or get into your top choice school or program. Sometimes, it’s your humanness that seals your fate.

Your ability to connect with another human being is what makes you unique from me and me from you. It’s also what makes my life equally as important as yours. And what makes my life experiences equally as relevant, compelling, and valued as yours.


That is what we sometimes forget. We get caught up in the confines of our day-to-day or even in the digital world that we build walls and barricades with anyone different from us. We assume things about one another or we devalue one another.

So when you show your vulnerabilities, you are really saying, “Hi. I’m just like you. I am worried and afraid, too. I have love and joy, too. We may be different in some ways, but you are just like me in others.

So, let’s celebrate that.

Let’s lift each other up and be respectful to one another. Don’t tear each other down because we are different. Celebrate those differences, but realize we are all the same in what our basic human needs require…to connect and find love & joy in life so that we have the ability to handle the hard stuff, the dark days, and the trying times.

Please don’t forget that we were all born naked and that we will all die naked. It sounds tragic when put that way, but think of the sentiment. Nothing material matters. Our legacy lives on through others because of the way we connected with them and because of what we meant to them. Because of WHO we are.

So today, be INVOLVED in someone’s life by putting yourself out there in a genuine and vulnerable way. Make a DIFFERENCE in how you treat others by setting an example of kindness, not judging them. Get out there and love one another, not hate. Love MATTERS. Don’t be blind to our differences, but RECOGNIZE them as such and CELEBRATE them. But what ever you do, don’t do nothing. Make a connection. Put yourself out there. By being HONEST and VULNERABLE, you will be surprised how full your life will feel.

There are no happy accidents.



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