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From a Child’s Eyes: A Mom’s Duty When her Child is Sick

This entry is inspired by my son’s perspective on a Mom’s Duty when her child is sick. Enjoy!!sick days, cold, sick kids, kleenex, tissues

Our family had a busy Sunday. Our oldest daughter had a rock concert through her local School of Rock. They had an awesome show and she had her best show yet (more on that later)! We were on our way home when our son started complaining of a headache and a sore throat. I had a mean mom moment and told him he couldn’t have a sick day since I had to go into work the next day. (My perspective: I rarely go into work, but I was subbing at my old preschool and was really looking forward to it. So of course, somebody was bound to get sick.)

He proclaimed in his best I’m sick mom voice,

“…but Mom. Isn’t it your duty? Didn’t you have to sign an oath when I was born saying you would take care of me and skip work when I get sick???”

He was dead serious.

My husband and I chuckled in the front seat. He caught me. He totally busted me and my mean mom moment.

What was I to do? I had a choice in that moment. I could agree with him or not.

I chose to agree with him.

My response was something like this,

“Yes and no. There isn’t an actual oath that gets signed. However, you are right in the fact that as a parent, it’s our number one job to take care of you. And yes, (in a begrudging voice) that means taking care of you when you are sick.”

I know, I know… I shouldn’t be upset about taking care of my sick son. Before I had kids, I would never have suggested that he “couldn’t have a sick day”, but times change and I really wanted to go to work! Plus, I honestly felt like he was playing me a bit. Don’t judge me, I am being honest. I promise I would never judge another mom or dad for feeling the same as me. This simple, mom-complaint, also goes to show the privilege we have as a family that I have the option to stay home when my kiddo is sick. So, I know… I know…

However, as much as I wanted to go to work and that I didn’t want him to get sick…he was right.

I did take an oath the second I heard his little heartbeat and then again at the moment I looked into his eyes for the first time.

I took an oath to care for him, nurture him, teach him, and so much more. I feel honored to get to be a mom every…damn…day. I never let that honorable privilege and opportunity to change the world through one human being for granted. I really don’t.

So, yes. He was right. I took an oath, but as I tucked him in and lathered him up with essential oils I silently prayed that he wouldn’t be sick in the morning. (I know, I know… mean mom again.)

Well, guess what?

He woke up sick.

At 4…15…AM.

I tried to convince him to go to sleep and get more rest, but after an hour, he clearly wasn’t feeling any better. I texted my boss and told her that I wasn’t going to be able to make it in.

I was disappointed. I really wanted to go to work. But, then I looked at my little guy… who really isn’t that little anymore and smiled.

He caught me. His smart nine-year-old self busted me and proved that a sick kid is a top priority in his mind and mine.

So, take a gander at your kiddos and be glad when they are HEALTHY and also when they are SICK. That means they are ALIVE and that is the truest GIFT of LIFE. As moms and dads we are not guaranteed another day on this planet for ourselves or our children. Treat each day like it’s your last. Live your BEST DAY, EVERY DAY. And if you are lucky enough to get to complain about them getting sick and needing to stay home, you should consider yourself LUCKY. I know I am.

There are no happy accidents.


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One thought on “From a Child’s Eyes: A Mom’s Duty When her Child is Sick

  1. I find myself praying for sick days so I can have just a few more minutes with them. Time is slipping from me so fast. Of course, they always get sick when I have plans…great post. No judgment eyebrows here.


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